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Magic Kumquat Productions believes in telling stories that engage, inspire, and move viewers. Our goal is to cultivate inclusive, curiosity-driven work with soul. The "kumquat" in our name derives from Kumquat Avenue, where we once lived in Coconut Grove, Florida, in a community with many artists, film makers, designers, and writers. We added the word "magic," because it makes us smile.

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Laura Albritton

Laura Albritton directed, wrote, and edited the conservation short, Introducing the Indigo, created with the support and assistance of The Environmental Resources Network, the Georgia Department of Natural Resource's Wildlife Division, and The Longleaf Alliance. She wrote, produced, and edited the biographical short documentary, Adventures in History. She is currently working as a freelance writer for a documentary by South Florida Public Television. Laura is also the author of award-winning short stories and five books on south Florida history and travel, including the recently released Historic Lighthouses of the Florida Keys (Arcadia Publishing), as well as Hidden History of the Florida Keys (The History Press, 2018). She serves remotely as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Miami. Before attending graduate school, she worked for Vanguard Documentaries and film producer Charles Hobson in Manhattan.

Zickie Allgrove
Videographer/Aerial Photography

U.K. Chartered engineer and McGill alumnus Zickie Allgrove was born in Kingston, Jamaica and travels throughout the world as a V.P. for a multinational engineering company. He has gained extensive experience in project development and financing in Latin America, Asia, Europe, and North America. Zickie is also an FAA-licensed drone pilot and videographer. He served as the Director of Photography on Introducing the Indigo, a documentary short film about a threatened species, and filmed on location in the Longleaf pine forest of Wheeler County, Georgia. He contributed aerials and B-Roll to the documentary short film, Adventures in History, about historian Jerry Wilkinson. Zickie has experience in creating short animations using Lightwave 3D, and he edits in DaVinci Resolve.

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