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Longleaf Forever

A documentary short film

00:16:38 running time


Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina




Laura Albritton

Director of Photography

Zickie Allgrove


Shan Cammack, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources,
Carol Denhof, The Longleaf Alliance, Reese Thompson, and

Reese Thompson II


Mark Melvin and Kevin Hiers

Longleaf Forever is a short documentary film that plunges viewers into one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet. Home to hundreds of rare plants and animals, longleaf pine forests once covered 90 million acres in the American South. Today, conservationists and land managers are turning a history of habitat loss and decline into a hopeful environmental story of renewal. We hear from women and men who care passionately about these landscapes and the species which live within them: a forester in rural Georgia, a Native longleaf needle basket maker, a young botanist, and fire ecologists who study the essential role of regular cycles of fire in the health of longleaf forests. 

Made possible with support from T.E.R.N., The Environmental Resources Network. With support and assistance from the Georgia Department of Natural Resource's Wildlife Division and The Longleaf Alliance. 

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